Zhao Ronghui

PhD in linguistics, post doctor.
PhD in linguistics, post doctor, she is now the professor, doctoral supervisor, dean of the Graduate School and Institute of Linguistics of Shanghai International Studies University(SISU).

Zhao Ronghui is also the executive director of Research Center for Foreign Language Planning and Policy, State Language Commission, visiting scholar of the University of Maryland, the University of Hong Kong, Seikei University, and the chief expert of major projects of philosophy and social science. She has been selected in the New Century Outstanding Talents Project, Chutian Scholar Project, Shanghai Chief Talents Project and enjoyed the reputation of Shanghai Outstanding Personnel in Language and Characters and Shanghai Outstanding Communist.

Research field: sociolinguistics, language policy and linguistic history. She has presided over 19 scientific research and teaching projects; participated in 12 scientific research projects; involved in the publishment of 9 monographs, translations and collected works and 10 books; published 66 academic articles, 43 conference papers, 22 other papers, and 12 consulting reports; served as the chief editor or associate editor of 3 sets of academic series of books; presided the building of 5 databases, 2 websites and 1 wechat official account.

She is the chief editor of Russian Modern Linguistics (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press), Studies on Foreign Language Policy (Peking University Press), Reports on Language Life in Foreign Countries (Commercial Press), and New Developments on Language Strategy Research (SISU). She was once the chief editor of Language Policy and Language Education (SISU) (now she is the director of the editorial committee). Apart from these, she is also a member of the editorial committee of Language Strategy Research (Commercial Press), Language Planning (Beijing Language and Culture University), Classical Translation Series of Language Planning, Translated Collections of Applied Linguistics (Commercial Press), Collections of Language Resources and Language Planning(Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press), Collections of Papers on Linguistics (Peking University Press), Language Life Series (including white paper, green paper, blue paper, yellow paper).

Academic Employment: she is a member of the ninth board of directors of Chinese Linguistics Society, vice president of China Language Policy and Language Planning Society, standing , vice secretary-general and director of China Socialinguistic Society, deputy director of SISU branch of Shanghai Social Survey Center. In addition, she has been employed to be part-time or visiting researcher and member of academic board of related academic institutions by Nanjing University, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Shanghai Institute of Educational Science, Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, Jiangsu Normal University, Changzhou University, Northeast Normal University and so on.

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