Yulia Semenova

Head of Development and Project Implementation Department, Tsaritsyno State Museum-Reserve.
Yulia is an honorary holder of the Order of the Fast Squirrel "Children's Tsaritsyn" for his contribution to the development of projects and programs for children and families.

2016-2018 was the head of the program "Practices of openness for parents" of the Sberbank Charitable Foundation "Investment in the Future". Within the framework of the program, a number of studies of international and Russian practices of working with the parent community in schools, as well as a study of joint education of children and adults in family leisure, were carried out, recommendations were developed and materials on the creation and implementation of such practices.

Since 2018, he has been the head of the department for the development and implementation of projects at the Tsaritsyno State Museum Reserve, the area of the department's tasks is the organization of event projects and programs. Key festival projects of the museum, such as Dachnoye Tsaritsyno, Tsaritsyno History Day, parallel programs of leading exhibition projects, mass events and holidays, audience analysis, organization of work with various communities through sociocultural practices: sports events, plogging, volunteer work program. Program development is based on the study of user behavior, audience analysis.

Has experience in organizing international theater festivals and managing theater projects.

She worked in the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow on the development of the city's cultural policy, grant programs, and interdepartmental projects.

She also worked at the Federal Agency for Nationalities of Russia under the Government of the Russian Federation on the launch of federal ethno-cultural projects, the organization of educational forums and conferences, the organization of family programs and family thematic camps.

11:40 — 13:10