Yulia Krivtsova

Curator and an art manager at the non-profit organization, "Regional Agency for Creative Initiatives".
As a curator and an art manager at the non-profit organization "Regional Agency for Creative Initiatives" with 14 years experience Yulia Krivtsova (PhD in Art) carries out city festivals, social and cultural projects on the crossing of contemporary culture and city identity, art and public space.

Since 2013 Yulia has been a co-founder of Textil cultural centre at the former industrial storage of Yaroslavl Big Manufacture. Yulia is passionate about making this independent cultural center a public space and a real force for core values fostering, urban development, and people engaging. She is experienced in culture programming of public spaces of different scales and people engagement.

Her professional experience includes working on Russian and international projects, among them: "New cultural centres" with "Station" (Kostroma) and "Kurbanistika" (Vologda); "People Making Spaces" with TYP Kulturkapital (Stockholm), "Did-it-myself" with Project for Public Spaces (New York). Now Yulia is a leader of the team which is creating the Museum-Factory as a new institution about history and future strategies of the factory district. She is currently working on the projects in factory area and social and cultural projects outside Yaroslavl.