Yulia Ivanova

General director of Seventh Severny Fort LLC (battery Severny No. 7 Fort).
Participant of the international projects "Baltic Cultural and Tourism Route Fortresses" and "SUPORTNET".
Was born in1963 in Leningrad. Yulia graduated from the Russian academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation, faculty of management, specialty "State and municipal management". As a vice-president of the Agency for reconstruction and development of the Kronstadt yacht club "Centurion" developed the concept of development of the yacht club in Kronstadt titled "On the development of international maritime tourism". She took part in the development of the concept of the "Free economic zone of Kronstadt" and the development of the project of creating a border and customs point at the Fort "Constantine". As a deputy director of the Fund "Revival of forts of Kronstadt" was engaged in finalizing the approval of the KGA and KGIOP concept of "Modern use of forts of Kronstadt". She was engaged in the preparation of complete technical documentation for fort Alexander, the development of projects for the restoration of forts Alexander, Battery north No. 7.