Yevgeny Kuznetsov

Ambassador of Singularity University in Moscow, general director of the venture fund Orbita Capital Partners.
Born August 6, 1970.

Graduated from St. Petersburg State University.

He studied under the Venture Capital Executive Program at the Haas School of Business (Berkeley).

He graduated from the Executive Program at Singularity University, Mountain View (California) and the Regional Entrepreneurship Accelerations Program (REAP) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Regional Innovation Development & Accelerations, Cambridge (Massachusetts)).

In the early 90s, he was engaged in sociological research and political analytics, developed and introduced a number of copyrighted methods of socio-political and technological forecasting. Subsequently, he was actively involved in federal and regional political election campaigns.

In 2001–2002, he worked at the Center for Strategic Research "North-West"; he is the author of a number of developments in the field of regional development.

Since 2002, he worked at the Imageland Edelman PR agency for five years, where he was engaged in a wide range of communication activities, from conducting complex campaigns for corporate customers to implementing social and political campaigns on a federal scale.

In 2006, Yevgeny Kuznetsov created the Fund for the Promotion of Science, Education, and Medicine together with Simon Kordonsky. Within the framework of the fund, he implemented a series of public campaigns in the field of medicine and health care (including the development and support of movements in the field of protecting patient rights) and developed several concepts in the field of state development. In particular, a conceptual and methodological apparatus was developed as part of the fund's work to ensure specialized communications between the scientific and business community with a number of projects implemented in this field.

In 2009, he became head of the committee for relations with the scientific community as part of the Russian branch of IABC (the International Association of Business Communicators).

Since the end of 2009, he worked as director of the development and communications department, then as director of the strategic communications department of Russian Venture Company (RVC JSC). Since 2014, he was Deputy General Director — the director of the project office, a member of the RVC board.

In April 2017, he was appointed the director of RVC subsidiaries (RVC InfraFund) and worked in this position until November 2017.

From July 26, 2017, to the present, he has been the head of the Moscow representative office of Singularity University.

From 2018, to the present, he has been the General Director of the venture fund Orbita Capital Partners.
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