Walaa Eldin Badawy Madbwly Ali Badawy

General Director of Manial Palace Museum, ElManial.
Writing articles about archeology and museums in several Egyptian newspapers, since 2011 till now.​​​​​​​ One of the specialists in the antiquities of the modern and contemporary eras in Egypt and the Arab. Participated in many scientific conferences and Training course inside and outside Egypt. Member in the International Council of Museums ICOM "DEMHIST committee of the Historical house Museums".

Graduated from Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University, Islamic and Coptic department, 2000. Diploma in Art History (Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University), 2005. Diploma in Egyptology (Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University), 2010. Master in Museum Studies (Museology), Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University. Thesis, Collection Management Policy of Historical Museums "Manial Palace Museum. 2016". PhD. candidate in Heritage and Museum Studies, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University 2017. Entitled "The Role of Museum Display in interpreting Egyptian Culture Heritage at Historical Museums, Abdeen Palace Museums".

General Director of Prince Mohammed Ali Palace Museum in Manial Ministry of Antiquities "from 4 January 2016 until now". Member in higher committee scenario museum exhibition for Egyptian museums from April 2018 until now. Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.