Vladimir Zakharov

Advisor to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Secretariat in Beijing.
1997–2001 — Advisor on Culture, Information and Education, Russian Embassy in China.

2001–2004 — Head of the SCO Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

2004–2010 — Deputy Secretary General of the SCO.

2010–2012 — Chief Advisor to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

2012–2014 — Advisor to the SCO Secretariat in Beijing.

2014–2018 — Senior Lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Visiting Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Xi'an Pedagogical University.

From September 2018 to present, Advisor to the SCO Secretariat in Beijing.

The author of publications on international topics in the journal "International Affairs", TASS and RIA-Novosti.

He has published four books: “Symbols in Chinese Folk and Classical Art”, “Children's Encyclopedia of China”, “Chinese Folk Tales of the Zodiac”, “With a Chinese Tale Year-Round”.