Violetta Yunusova

Musicologist, a teacher. Doctor of the History of Art, Professor.
A member of the International Council for Traditional Music ICTM.
She graduated from the Ufa Institute of Arts (Faculty of History and Theory, 1976), full-time postgraduate from the Leningrad Institute of the Theater, Music and Cinema, major in "Ethnomusicology" (Folklore sector, 1981). Student of the Doctor of History of Art, Professor I.V. Matsievsky (Supervisor of Candidate Dissertation on "Problems of Formation in Azerbaijani Instrumental Mugham Improvisations". the Leningrad Institute of the Theater, Music and Cinema, 1982), Doctor of the History of Art, Professor E.V. Nazaikinskii (Consultant of Doctoral Dissertation: “Creative Process in Classical Music of the East”, the Russian Institute of Art History, 1995). She taught at the Tajik Institute of Arts named after M. Tursunzade (1982–1991). Since 1992 — Associate Professor of Music Department of the World Culture of the Moscow State Conservatory, from 1995 to present — Professor, Department of History of Foreign Music in the Moscow State Conservatory. Supervisor of eight Candidate Dissertations and Scientific Advisor of two Doctoral Dissertations. Organizer of 7 international conferences “Music of the Peoples of the World: problems of study” conducted at the Moscow State Conservatory. She carried out more than forty folklore expeditions to Azerbaijan and Central Asia. Author of more than 140 scientific papers, five textbooks. The main areas of her scientific interests are Musical Culture of the World, Musical Oriental Studies, Ethnomusicology, Ethnoorganology, Contemporary Music of Asia.