Viktor Ryzhakov

Director, teacher, Moscow Art Theatre School; Artistyc Director, V. Meyerhold Theatre Centre.
Distinguished Worker of the Arts of the Russian Federation, director, artistic director of Meyerhold Theatre and Culture Center (Moscow), Director of Five Evenings Theatre Festival (Saint Petersburg), Professor of MHAT School Studio, Laureate of the Stanislavsky Prize "For Contribution to Theatre Education", Laureate of the "Golden Mask" National Theatre Prize (2019) for his production of "Optimistic Tragedy: The Farewell Ball".

Since 2001 — instructor and Chekhov MHAT School Studio, in 2012 managed his first class of students, which has been transformed into Julyensemble, a young independent theatre troupe.

Author of the following production: "Sasha, Throw Out the Garbage", "Sun Line" (CIM); "Drunks", "Illusions", "Never Part with Your Loved Ones", "DreamWorks" (Chekhov MHT Theatre, Moscow), "An Untimely Concert", "Modern Concert", "According to Chekhov: Three Sisters" (Julyensemble, Moscow), "Iranian Conference" (Theatre of Nations, Moscow), "War and Peace by Tolstoy" (Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, Saint Petersburg), "Optimistic Tragedy. A Farewell Ball" (Alexandrinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg), "Drunks", "DreamWorks", "The Hairdresser" (National Theory, Budapest) and others.

In 2019 Viktor Ryzhakov was appointed Ambassador of Hungarian Culture in Russia.