Valeria Karpovich

Head of PR Department of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve.
Valeria has been working in museums since university times. In the fifth year at the Department of Museum Management and Monument Protection of the St. Petersburg State University, she came to work in the State Hermitage Youth Educational Center to design educational programs, give lectures on modern arts and manages social media of the Youth Educational Center together with her colleagues.

In 2014 the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve with its incredible parks, museums and fountains came into Valeria's life, and she wanted to share those with everyone. It manages quite alright at the moment: Peterhof is the most frequently visited museum in Russia.

Peterhof PR Service deals with the organization and holding of large-scale events and works with journalists. Large areas of historical parks allow to develop original concepts of outdoor museum festivals to attract thousands of guests. PR Service also promotes the Museum-Reserve in social media, trying to invent something exciting and new all the time and to follow what large global companies and museums do.