Valbona Malaj

Responsible for International Relations for Altofest and TeatrInGestAzione.
Adviser of Prime MInister of Albania and Responsible for International Relations for Altofest and TeatrInGestAzione. She works as Organizational Manager and Executive Producer of cultural activities; production and management of live and audiovisual events both in Italy and Albania. She occasionaly works as a translator with various publishing houses, she has published with the Publishing House "Rogiosi Editore" and "Drier".

She worked as cultural manager, responsible for international relations, fundraising and project management for Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Galleria Toledo, Napoli and as Company Manager for Mercadante National Theatre, Napoli; “Oedipus” directed by Robert Wilson and “Souls of Naples” directed by John Turturro.

She worked as a Coordinator for Napoli Film Festival, Naples, Italy. Supervising producer of film “Night of the comet” and Executive producer of live and audiovisual events during the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections in Albania.

She is a founder and was Director of Butrinti International Theatre Festival and director and co-organizer of different cultural events and co-organizer for international conferences held in Tirana, Albania. She was General Director of Art Projects Department in Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports, Tirana and General Director of Municipality of Tirana. She was Team leader for the project “Tirana Master Plan 2021”, undertaken by the Municipality of Tirana and responsible for Art and Cultural Activities, Tourism, Heritage, Sports, Leisure and the “Beautification of the City of Tirana” campaign. In 2003 she became a Masters of Science in State Management and Humanitarion Affairs at the University La Sapienza, Rome. She started working in international level for United Nations Office and International Organizations during the emergency crisis period in Kosovo.
13:00 — 14:20
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