Vadim Sotskov

Producer, CEO "KinoAtis".
At the moment, "Kinoatis" Vadim Sotskov is one of the leaders in the production of animated films in Russia.

After graduating from the Institute in Moscow he worked on the creation of animation technologies for Animatek International from 1991 to 1997 in Moscow. After that, he settled in Silicon Valley, where he worked in Hi-Tech and film industry until 2003. He participated in projects of the following companies: Square Pictures, Mattel, Animatek International, Blue Planet Software. 

Upon his return to Russia, in 2004, Vadim became one of the founders of the Studio "CNF-Anima", soon renamed "Kinoatis". 

The company's assets include such cartoon blockbusters as the first national full-length animated film in 3D format “Space Dogs 3D", inspired by his animated series “Space Dogs family", second big movie "Space Dogs adventure to the Moon", as well as the musical "Belka and Strelka", which has become one of the most popular children's musical performances in Russia.