Tisa Ho

Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival.
Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) since 2006, Tisa’s previous work encompassed arts policy and infrastructure planning, including brief development for Singapore’s Esplanade; marketing and curatorial responsibilities for the Singapore Arts Festival; and management of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Victoria Concert Hall, during which she helped to set up the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Region Orchestras and the Singapore International Piano Festival.

At HKAF she extended programming to unconventional venues and large scale works: Zingaro’s Battuta from France and Power Plant from the UK. From 2009, HKAF has produced and published commissioned works, some subsequently touring outside Hong Kong.

Tisa is Board Member of the HK International Literary Festival, the Association of Asia and Pacific Arts Festivals, and International Society for the Performing Arts. She chairs the International Advisory Committee of the Concert Hall in Tong Yeong, S Korea where she is delighted to be an honorary citizen.