Timur Ilyasov

Director, Museum of the Ufa City History.
In 2007, he graduated from the Faculty of History of the Bashkir State University as a historian and history teacher. Timur has a Candidate's degree in History (2011).

He was appointed director of the Museum of the History of Ufa in 2016. While preparing for the creation and opening of the museum, Ilyasov carried out a grand-scale work in developing the museum's concept, organizing the collection of data in the information-analytical and archival institutions of the city, and established close cooperation with the local history community. A scientific and methodological council that included leading historians, ethnographers, museum specialists, and experts from the city of Ufa was created under the museum's auspices.

The Museum of the History of Ufa is implementing major efforts in digitizing the audiovisual heritage of the city, replenishing the museum fund with valuable exhibits, creating multimedia audiovisual content dedicated to the main stages of the city's history of Ufa.

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