Tatyana Zaitseva

Professor, St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov.
Tatyana Zaitseva — pianist, music theorist, professor of Saint Petersburg Conservatory. Doctor of Art History (2000). Professor (2007). Distinguished Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation (2006). Member of the Union of Composers (since 2005). Was awarded the Tercentennial Medal of Saint Petersburg, the Miliy Balakirev Order No. 1 (2012), and the medal to the Order of Merit Second Class (2016).
Academic Secretary of the Di Tatyana ssertation Council of the Saint Petersburg University of Culture (from 1991 to June 2019). Laureate (1st prize) of the competition “Best Book of the Year” of Publishing Associations (2016) for her publication “M. A. Balakirev. A Full Collection of Spiritual Works” (Moscow, Muzyka, 2015). Professor Zaitseva's research focuses on less researched issues in history of Russian music, works of contemporary Russian composers, problems in development of the Saint Petersburg School of Piano Music. Editor of collections of articles and materials dedicated to M. A. Balakirev, A. K. Lyadov, N. I. Golubovskaya, V. V. Nielsen, S. M. Slonimsky, A. A. Gozenpud, L. G. Danko, and others. Author of more than 200 research papers (7 monographs, articles in encyclopedias, leading Russian and international science journals and collections). Her monograph entitled “M. A. Balakirev: Sources” has been named the laureate of the Soros Foundation Competition and was included in the Pushkin Library Series (2001). Zaitseva also co-authored History of Russian Music of the Second Half of the 20th Century. She is a regular participant in international science conferences and congresses.
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