Stanislava Armoutlieva

Founder and managing director of some of the biggest music companies in Bulgaria: Virginia Records, Animato Music, Virginia Publishing, Animato Music Publishing and Balkanika Publishing.
Since 1998 she is a member of the Managing board of "PROPHON" — the neighbouring rights collecting society of performing artists and phonogram producers. Between 2001 and 2006 she was Chairman of the Managing Board of “PROPHON” and she took over the same position again in 2012, which she continues to hold. Stanislava Armoutlieva is also a judge on Bulgarian X Factor, appearing in the second, third, fourth and fifth seasons of the show.
Virginia Records was founded in 1992 as the official Bulgarian representative of the largest record company in the world at that time — PolyGram, which was renamed Universal Musicafter one of the biggest mergers in music industry history. Virginia Records was the exclusive licensee of Universal Music for 16 years. The company has since become the exclusive partner of Sony Music Entertainment for the territory of Bulgaria. Virginia Records is the official record label of several reality formats such as X Factor, Bulgaria's Got Talent, Pop Idol. The company is the producer and manager of some of the top Bulgarian pop and rock artists. It is involved in many of the biggest music events in Bulgaria, including the creation and execution of their publicity campaigns and all marketing activities. Virginia Publishing was the first music publishing company in Bulgaria. It is the exclusive representative of one of the world's largest publishing companies - Universal Music Publishing Group for the territory of Bulgaria. Virginia Publishing is also managing the entire production music catalogue of Universal Music Publishing – UPM, the world’s largest music catalogue. Virginia Publishing is also a sub-publisher of Peer Music and is partnering with the Croatian firm IDM Music for the administration of the catalogue of BMG Rights Management in Bulgaria. Animato Music was founded in 2003 and for 10 years it represented EMI Music. At the present time it is a partner of Universal Music. Animato Music Publishing was established in the same year as a partner of EMI Music Publishing for the territory of Bulgaria and currently manages both the core catalogue as well as the production music catalogues of Sony ATV. Balkanika Publishing represents a huge number of Balkan songs, which are being licensed in Turkey, Greece, Israel and other territories. Since 2002 Stanislava Armoutlieva is the Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP), which is a National Group of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).
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