Soula Zavou

Vice President of the Board of Directors, Cyprus Theatre Organisation.
Republic of Cyprus
Soula Zavou was born in Famagusta, Cyprus.

She graduated from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, received bachelor degree in Political Sciences and Public Administration. Participated in the Community Development Program in the USA and took Masters Courses and Seminars on European Union and International Relations.

Soula Zavou wrote and presented on the TV program a series of programs on "Political parties in Cyprus" in 1993–1994.

She is the author of the book "The Political Parties of Cyprus in the 20th Century" which was released in two editions. She is also a press columnist on political and educational issues, of research and innovation.

Soula Zavou is:

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Theater Organization of Cyprus;

Member of the Gender Equality Technical Committee, Greek Cypriot Side;

Honorary President of the International Organization for the Promotion of Women of Europe (AIPFE) — Cyprus Council;

Member of the Board of Directors of the Committee on Women and Sports of the Cyprus Olympic Committee;

Founding President of the Cyprus Council of the International Organization for the Promotion Women of Europe (AIPFE) 2001–2009;

Founding President of the Cyprus-Lebanese Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

As for political activity, she was European Parliament Member Election Candidate in June 2004 and Cypriot Parliament Member Candidate in May 2011.

In March 2013 Soula Zavou was awarded by the Cyprus Olympic Committee for her multifaceted contribution to the society of Cyprus and by her appointment by the COC as a member of the Committee on Women and Sports.