Sergey Minaev

Editor-in-Chief, Russian edition of Esquire Magazine, writer, TV host.
Sergey Minaev — a modern writer, showman and businessman. Mr. Minaev has appeared on television and radio as host of social and political talk show programs. He has also taken part in online discussions. He turns various novels into plays and oversees production of films based on his books.

His writing career began with the publication of his novel "Dukhless: A Novel of an Unreal Person". In 2012 director Roman Prygunov shot a film based on "Dukhless", starring Danila Kozlovsky.

Over the years the writer has published increasingly more often online. From late May 2011 to March 2013 Sergey hosted MinaevLive, an online show that turned into a weekly program.

The writer does not forget about business either. He is the co-owner of Khleb and Vino (Bread and Wine) Restaurant Chain.

Since 2016 Sergey has served as editor-in-chief of Esquire journal.