Saule Utegalieva

Doctor of History of Art. Ethnomusicologist, Ethnoinstrumentologist, Professor of the Department of Musicology and Composition of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.
Author of over two hundred scientific papers published in prestigious national and foreign publications (Russia, South Korea, Poland, Germany, and USA). They are related to the development of a new field of knowledge — musical Turkology, including in-depth study of instrumental music and musical instruments of the Kazakhs and other peoples of Central Asia.
Monographs "Mangystau Dombra Tradition" (1997), "Chordophones of Central Asia" (2006), "Turkmen Kui in Dombra Tradition of Western Kazakhstan" (co-authored), published in two editions (2008, 2015), as well as published in Moscow monograph "Sound world of music of Turkic peoples: theory, history, practice (based on instrumental traditions of Central Asia)" (2013). On the basis of musical transcription of audio recordings stored in The Berlin Phonogram Archive, "Turkestan Collection of Songs and Instrumental Pieces Collected by R. Karutz (1905)" was published for the first time; a popular science film "Modern Connecting Sounds" (2018) was created. Contributes to the training of highly qualified personnel. Created her own ethnomusicological school. Under her scientific supervision, two Candidate's and more than ten Master's Thesis are defended, doctoral students are trained. Participates in major international forums in the near and far abroad. Representative and expert from Kazakhstan in the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) at UNESCO (since 1994), member of the research group "Music of the Turkic-speaking World" (ICTM Study Group).