Rimma Gaze

Chief Expert of the Scientific and Educational Department, Volga-Vyatka Branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
"I consider the Museum to be a territory of freedom of thought and diversity of its expression. It's a space where children starting out as adults get to know themselves and the world through the most universal language known as art".

Co-author, facilitator and instructor of the art history series for children and teenagers "The main characters of contemporary art".

Author of interactive educational projects "I bet it's beautiful", "Auction. How much is art worth?", "Point of view".

Co-curator and instructor of the educational program "Art mediator school".

Museum Educator since 2015.

Author of the format "Excursion – performance", in which spectators become active participants of the dialogue, generating interest in contemporary art and desire to come back to the Museum. Each excursion is an exclusive product – a performance, where the spectators are active participants of the dialogue, and the art object is a way to understand themselves and accept the opinion of others, to go on a journey through the history of art, where there are no boundaries, except for the exhibition hall.