Olga Sapanzha

Doctor of Culturology, Museologist, Professor, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia; Founder and Director, Museum “XX Years after the War”.
Chair of State Attestation Commissions in Cultural Studies at Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities, and Sorokin University in Syktyvkar.

Was born in 1978 in Leningrad Professor, Department of Art Education and Decorative Art, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Arts Director of the Private Museum "Twenty Years after the War. Museum of Customs and Culture of Leningrad, 1945–1965".

Education, Competitions, Grants:

  • Professor in Major 24.00.01 — Theory and History of Culture (2019);
  • Doctor of Cultural Studies (2011);
  • Associate Professor, Department of Art Education and Museum Pedagogy (2007);
  • Candidate of Cultural Studies (2005);
  • Specialist in Museum Work (2001);
  • Specialist in Cultural Studies (2000).

Completed internships at George Washington University (USA), program entitled "Master's Programs in Museum Education in the US" (2017), and Tomas Masaryk University (Slovakia), program entitled "Contemporary Museumology of Slovakia" (2017) Winner of the Prize of the Government of Saint Petersburg in Research and Education (2012–2016).

Winner of the competition held by the Potanin Non-Profit Charity Foundation for Young University Instructors in Russian Universities (2011), Online Teachers (2012).

Executor of the Grant Project of the Russian Foundation for Research in Humanities "Cultural Industries of the Present-Day Kola Region: Current Condition, Ways and Means for Renewal" (2012–2014).

Winner of the Grant Competition for Scholars and Workers of Arts, Fulbright Foundation, USA (2016–2017).

Head of the Grant Program of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, "Russian Museumology in the System of Culture Sciences: Contribution of Russian Museumology into World Science" (2019–2020)


Dr. Sapanzha has published more than 100 papers on the problems of museumology, museum education, and cultural studies, including 6 monographs and 5 instructional brochures. She is a member of the Doctor Dissertation Council and the Candidate Dissertation Council D 212.199.34 in major 24.00.01 "History and Theory of Culture", D 999.089.02 in major 17.00.09 "Theory and History of Art".