Olga Filipuk

Director of Media Services Development, Yandex Media Services LLC.
She was a producer of the film "Major Thunder: Plague Doctor", general producer of the series "Food Block", "The Unprincipled", "I'm not Kidding", "The Last Minister" and others. She is responsible for music and video licensing, content production, as well as the development of animation and sports content projects on Yandex services.

In 2014–2016, she worked at the online cinema ivi.ru, where she held the position of purchasing director and then vice president for content policy.

For almost seven years she worked as content purchasing director at Carmen Film. She started her career at the Tokyo company DLE Inc, where she came after graduating from Tokyo University. She has worked on co-production of animated series with Hasbro, Cartoon Network, UpperDeck Entertainment and others.