Natalya Dyppey

Advisor to the Rector, St. Petersburg University.
Natalia Duppey, Advisor to the First Vice-Rector of the St. Petersburg State University, the curator of the restoration of the Botanical Garden of the St. Petersburg State University. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (1986).

Until 2013, she was engaged in private practice in the field of design and construction. Since 2014, he has been working at the St. Petersburg State University on the issues of supervision of the works at cultural heritage sites conducted by third-party organizations.

Since December 2017, on behalf of the University's executives, she has been heading the project and overseeing the restoration of the Botanical Garden of the St. Petersburg State University, as a result of which the research and part of the design work in the Garden and its greenhouses have already been carried out. Today we already have a draft design of the territory of the entire Botanical Garden and a working draft of the Seed Greenhouse, one of three in the Garden; sanitary felling and trimming in the garden have been carried out, and work continues.

She is a participant of such events as: The Round-Table Conference "The life of the Palace Gardens and Parks. Problems of Conversation of historical Plantings and Safety of Visitors" at the State Hermitage Museum (Hermitage, April 2019); the "Preservation of Landscape Architecture Monuments" Conference held by KGIOP in partnership with the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation within the framework of the restoration week (Yelagin Island, June 2019); the Round-Table Conference "Assessment of the Condition of Screeds in the Crowns of Trees of the Gardens of the Russian Museum" at the Russian Museum (Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens of the Russian Museum, August 2019).

Artistic creed: The preservation of historic gardens and parks — monuments of landscape art, as part of the heritage of all mankind, is one of the most urgent problems not only of the restoration industry but of modern society as a whole and individually.
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