Natalia Senatorova

Deputy Head of the Department of Cultural and Educational Projects and Programs, Nekrasov Central Universal Scientific Library.
Winner of The Best Librarian of Moscow competition 2021, Member of the, expert of Netology, former Lector of the Moscow Directorate of Educational Programs in Culture and Art, former Senior Lector at the Department of Infocognitive Technologies in the Moscow Polytechnic University, Content Producer of the Young Old Festival.

Education: the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Samara State Technical University (engineering technologist, diploma magna cum laude, 1997–2003), postgraduate training in System Analysis and Management at the Faculty of Information Technology Automation of the Samara State Technical University (27.03.03).

Ms. Senatorova used to work as a Public Relations Specialist in the Vyborg United Museum-Reserve State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Leningrad Region (2015–2017). Before she started her career in Vyborg, she had worked as a Head of the Advertising & Marketing Department in an industrial company producing power engineering equipment in Samara; as a Deputy Director for Development in a chain of veterinary pharmacies; as a senior lieutenant of militia in an educational establishment of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs (Samara branch of the Saratov State Law Academy, 2005–2010) and the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (UFSIN, 2010–2015).

She used to teach in various establishments of higher education in Samara, worked as a Higher Senior Officer in the Samara Literature Museum. Since 2019, she has given project seminars at the Moscow Polytechnic University (Communications in IT Security). Since 2017, she has been a Deputy Head of the Department of Cultural and Educational Projects and Programs in the Nekrasov Library (Moscow).

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