Natalia Kondratyuk

Museum Researcher at the Department of Educational Programs and Scientific and Methodological Work, The State Museum of the History of Religion.
Experience in the museum field began to form while studying at the Institute of History of St. Petersburg State University (Department of the History of Western European Art) and has always been combined with a professional interest in the social sphere. In addition to cultural organizations, she worked in a number of social funds and charitable organizations.

Since 2018, the main activity at the Museum of the History of Religion has been related to scientific and educational work: the creation and implementation of museum programs for children under 12; implementation of inclusive programs; organizing and conducting scientific conferences, internships and seminars on the basis of the museum.

Particularly valuable is participation in those projects that experiment with new formats and are implemented at the intersection of disciplines, explore the social role of the museum in the modern world. To develop this area, she took part in educational laboratories of the Center for Social Innovations "Museum Experience":

  • 2019, 2020 Theater + Museum: Communication Experiences;
  • 2021 "Culture of Participation".

The result of the laboratory "Theatre + Museum: Communication Experiences" of the Center for Contemporary Art "Museum Experience" was the project "Who Shakes the Trees?" implemented at the Museum of the History of Religion.

11:40 — 13:10