Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Was born in 1975 in Hamadan Province, Iran. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the Institute of Humanitarian and Cultural Studies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Dr. Esmaily is a member of the Academic Council of Tehran University and the Director of the "Political Sociology" group of the Institute for Social Research at Tehran University.

Professional activity:

  • Deputy Governor of Isfahan;
  • Director General for Monitoring and Assessment of Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  • Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President Iran Member of the Scientific Research Council of Iran;
  • Research Assistant, Center for Documentation and Archives of the Islamic Revolution of Iran;
  • Cultural Advisor to the Head of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran.