Mladen Banjac

Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska.
Republic of Serbia
Mladen curated many group and solo contemporary art exhibitions.

Mladen Banjac was born in 1985 in Banja Luka, where he lives and works. He is employed as curator for program activities in Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska. He graduated in 2010. at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department for Art History. From 2012–2015 he worked at Republic Institute for Preservation of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of Republika Srpska.

Since May 2015 he is employed in Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska. As curator for program his goal is exploring and implementation of contemporary curatorial practices inside Museum. He is active member of Bosnia’s ICOM National Committee since 2012, and its secretary since 2016. Since May 2017 he is a member of Banjaluka’s Eruopean Capital of Culture team.