Lubov Leotyeva

Head of the ludi_architects architectural bureau.
Master of Architecture. A regular participant of professional conferences and round tables, a member of the jury of architectural competitions. ludi_architects is among the TOP 10 best young architectural bureaus according to the Project Russia magazine and the TOP 85 successful architects of Russia according to Strelka Design Bureau.

The consortium with the participation of the company was on the 11th place in the qualification selection of more than 300 participants in the competition for the creation of the concept of the Tuchkov Buyan park in St. Petersburg.

The company's activities extend to architectural design, research in the field of space organization, development of programs for territories and buildings of cultural and business facilities. During its existence, the company has developed and implemented a number of projects related to the complex improvement of the territories of cities and objects, architectural design, public spaces and interiors, the organization of museums and exhibitions. The company has experience in cooperation with international architectural bureaus.

The main specialization of the company:

  • Architectural design
  • Urban planning and environmental concepts and projects (urban environment design)
  • Public interiors
  • Organization of the exhibition space
  • Support of foreign architects.
10:00 — 11:30