Liu Li

Rector, Beijing Language and Culture University.
Liu Li is a PhD in literature, professor, doctoral supervisor, President and Deputy Party Secretary of Beijing Language and Culture University.
Born in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, October 1961, Liu Li joined the Communist Party of China in January 1993. He is mainly engaged in ancient Chinese, Chinese grammar, history of Chinese grammar, as well as teaching and study of history of the Chinese lexicon. He has published more than 50 papers in such academic journal as Studies of the Chinese Language and Research in Ancient Chinese Language. With regard to academic works, he has published Study of Auxiliary Words in the pre-Qin, Newly Organized Shuo Wen Jie Zi, Entire Donovan Note-Donovan Volume, Mo-tse Works Note, Translation and Note on the Zuo Commentary and other works. Entrusted by the Department of Minority Education of the Ministry of Education, he is the chief editor of College Chinese and Articles for College Chinese Reading. He presided over major National Social Science Fund of China such as “Study on the Evolution of Chinese Complex Sentence and the Building of Corpus” and “Study on Chinese Complex Sentence in Ancient Times”, “Study on the Evolution of Chinese Auxiliary Words”, and “Study on the Verbs of Guoyu”. He was invited to give lectures and conduct cooperative research with universities in countries and regions such as Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. All of these won him the award of Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Model and other awards.