Laura Hormigon

PhD in Musicology (Extraordinary PhD Award).
PhD in Musicology (Extraordinary PhD Award), works at the magazine “ADE-Teatro” and the Seminary of History & Theory of the Dance at Complutense University (Madrid). She is the co-director of the International Congress "Marius Petipa: from romantic ballet to classic" (Madrid) and is member of the Academy of the Performing Arts of Spain.

Between 1995-2005 she was Principal dancer of Cuban National Ballet, international guest artist and Director of Danzarte Ballet (Madrid, 2000-2010). She has research in depth the period of Marius Petipa in Spain, making relevant discoveries, and is the author of the book Marius Petipa in Spain (1844-47). Memories & other materials (2010). For this book she received the Prize "Leandro Fernandez de Moratín for theatre studies" (2011). She also wrote the article "The exciting Marius Petipa´s escape from Spain. A matter of State” in ADE Teatro nº 169 (2018). Among her publications are also her PhD, The Romantic Ballet at the Circo Theatre of Madrid (1842-50) (2017); "Gisela or the willis in Madrid (1843)" in Ещё раз про "Жизель" ed. O. Shkarpetkina (Moscow, 2015), and several articles about ballet history.

Among her Awards: Prize "Villa de Madrid" of dance interpretation; Distinction Biloba, (House of the Dance, Spain); Actua Prize (AISGE); Medal of the Association of Theatre Directors of Spain; Distinction for her “Cultural collaboration and high artistic level" in the editions XIII to XVI of the Nureyev Ballet Festival celebrated in Ufa (Russia), for her performances of Don Quixote, Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty and Carmen; Distinction from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Culture for her Don Quixote at the 1st International Opera & Ballet Festival in Tashkent; Alejo Carpentier Medal (Cuba); Distinction of National Ballet of Cuba for her artistic excellence; Distinction of the Gran Teatro of Havana Friends for her artistic excellence; Medal of Distinction of the National Culture (Cuba).