Ksenia Dmitrieva

Head of the “Special View” Program, Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.
Ksenia Dmitrieva has completed the following projects under the auspices of her "Special View" program for support of visually impaired people:

"Development of Audio Commentary in Russia". Adapted shows in 35 Russian theatres. Has graduated three classes of audio commentators in REACOMP Institute (the number of specialists in this field increased five-fold during her tenure). Audio commentary has been regularly provided at the Moscow International Film Festival and Pacific Meridians Film Festival in Vladivostok. Worked with Culture and Sport Rehabilitation Center to provide audio commentary of events at the World Ice Hockey Championship (2019). Delivered the equipment for audio commentary to 14 cities of Russia. Twice provided support to the Audio Commentator School in Ekaterinburg. Produced "No Comment" short film to popularize audio commentary services in Russia;
Inclusion Programs. Held a grant program "Theatre with Eyes Shut", supported the project "Happy to Welcome Guide Dogs" in 12 cities of Russia. Held a grant competition "Getting a Guide Dog" (2019). Supported a project to stage an opera with participation of visually impaired people in Moscow. Created tactile geographic maps. Published a book entitled "Creating Tactile and Typhlographic Maps". Support the "Scandinavian Promenade" program with participation of blind and visually impaired individuals. Created tactile models for the Kremlin Museum. Supported Paradelphic Games in Izhevsk. Adapted exhibitions for the blind in the Jewish Museum and the Center of Tolerance and the Schusev Architectural Museum. Supported the project for adaptation of museums for the blind in cities of Belgorod and Staryi Oskol. Supported the project for training and employing visually impaired and blind people;
Special events. Approved a new nomination in Russian Volunteer competition to support projects by people in a difficult life situation (Equal Opportunity project). Held educational and cultural events in the Tavrida Forum (2018, 2019). Held a Forum Festival of Inclusive and Social Theatre, "A Special View" (2019);
Created "A Special View" Informational Internet Portal for visually impaired people (2018).