Konstantin Andreev

Head of the Educational Center, GULAG History Museum.
Teacher, author of published works in the field of education and upbringing, museum pedagogy, family history; author of method books and guidance manuals, educational programs; presenter of master classes, guide, collector.
Winner of all-Russian professional contests in the field of education, enlightenment, museum affairs and studies.

He was employed by educational institutions of secondary, higher and supplementary education. He was engaged in children’s and youth’s initiatives, arrangement of children’s rest and expedition tourism, he supervised the work of public associations; he managed the group of children of different ages and visited over 400 museums and cultural institutions with them. This served as the basis for understanding the prospects of activities in the museum sector.

He has been employed by the State Museum of GULAG’s History since 2014 and is engaged in museum educational programs there. He also supervises the operation of the youth expedition corps, arranging expeditions over Russia for schoolchildren and students.

In 2021, he had his Master’s Degree and in the course of studies he wrote a research paper dedicated to the activities of the contact personnel in museums. He is not only the winner of various professional contests (Leader of the 21st Century, I Give My Heart to Children, Teachers of the Year in Moscow, The League of Lectors), but also a member of expert councils of numerous all-Russian and regional pedagogical contests (To Educate an Individual, Pedagogical Debut, The Coolest of the Cool, The League of Lectors, Teachers of the Year in Moscow, etc.)

In 2019, he became a co-author of the Memory Lesson project, acknowledged as the best awareness-raising project within the contest at the Intermuseum International Festival.

He has been professionally engaged in genealogy for several years already as well as promotion of the family and local history research. In 2022, he was invited by the Social Innovations Center “Museum Experience” to become a co-curator of the Private Memory and Community Memory Laboratory.

His professional activities are supplemented by hobbies, with tourism and SUP-surfing, collecting Soviet artists’ drawings and linocut among them.


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