Khurelbaatar Damdinsuren

Cultural Ambassador of Mongolian Culture.
General Producer of "Sound of Mongolia".
Awards and ranks:
2012 — The foremost cultural worker of Mongolia;
2013 — Polar Star "Altan Gadas";
2017 — Order of the Red Banner of Labor;
2019 — Leading worker of the Union of Artists of Mongolia;
2021 — Honored Worker of Culture of Mongolia.


  • 1993–1998 — Moscow Textile Academy, mechanical engineer;
  • 1988–2002 — postgraduate study at Moscow Mining University;
  • 2008–2011 — Mongolian University of Science and Technology;
  • 2016–2019 — Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. I. E. Repin in St. Petersburg, "History of Art".


  • 2002 — Founder and producer of the industry's first company, Sound of Mongolia, has been working in the entertainment, culture, arts and show business of Mongolia for over 20 years;
  • 2016 — Advisor to the deputy Prime Minister — Director of the UB Art Gallery — Member of the Artistic Council of the State Chamber;
  • 2017 — Chief Coordinator of the International Association of Mongolian, Russian and Chinese Artists;
  • 2018 — Cultural Ambassador of Mongolian Culture in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.