Isabelle Schmitz

Editor-in-Chief, "Le Figaro Hors-Série".
Cultural journalist, Editor-in-Сhief for Le Figaro Hors-Série. After starting writing on arts (exhibitions and theatre) for Le Spectacle du Monde, a monthly news magazine, since 2002 she has been working for Le Figaro Hors-Série, the luxury cultural edition from Le Figaro group, dedicated to arts, history and cultural destinations (115 to 160 pages, Printrun 90 000, published every two months).

She cooperates to radio and TV programs (RTL, Europe 1, France Culture, Canal Académie, BFM TV, Chaine Histoire). Her passions are eclectic, between music (she plays the violin in a tango orchestra), dance (especially flamenco), arts, cinema (especially from Russia and Argentina), languages. For the publication of Le Figaro Hors-Série dedicated to cultural cities (Jerusalem, St. Petersbourg, Florence, Vienna, Athens), she organizes special events to promote the specific culture of the country in emblematic places (theatres, dramatic art conservatory, Opera comique…). Her conviction: culture and history are alive, and have to be shared.