Irina Erisanova

Head of the Pasternak House Museum, The State Museum of the History of Russian Literature named after Vladimir Dal.
Irina has been working at the museum since 1999. Since 2013, she has been its Director. Curator of more than 30 museum exhibitions on the territory of "B. L. Pasternak Historic House Museum," as well as at other venues of V. I. Dal Russian Literature History State Museum (GMIRLI), including the latest: "To be Fet" and "From Gogol's Cap".

Author and Curator of the project "SovGamlet" (which has included five exhibitions), Organizer and Head of the experimental project group "vDal" engaged in searching for a new artistic language to create museum projects and exhibitions. Author of the article "Museum in Development" in the final proceedings collection of the conference "Literary Museums in the Context of the Russian History and Culture", to be held on June 2–3, 2018.