Irina Donina

Deputy Director for Cultural and Educational Activities, The Russian Museum of Ethnography.
She authored over 50 publications on relevant issues on museum development and accessible environment in the museum.

Irina's academic interests embrace research in the field of museology; expert analysis of inclusive environments within the museum space and delivery of museum and educational products.

Irina graduated from the History Department of the St. Petersburg State University in 1995. Her Candidate thesis in Cultural Studies was titled "Museology, Conservation and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Objects" (St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, 2014)

Since 2003, she has been employed by the State Museum of Religion History. In 2008 - 2020 she becomes in charge of the Department of Educational Programs and Museum Pedagogy of the State Museum of Fine Arts.

Irina is a lecturer at the Department of Museology and Cultural Heritage at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.

Since 2020, she holds the position of Deputy Director for Cultural and Educational Activities of the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

Irina acted as an expert of the "Children's Days in St. Petersburg" project.

She is amongst TOP-100 "Members of the Talent Pool of the Russian Ministry of Culture".

She is an expert of the ICOM Russia project "Inclusive Museum".

Irina is a winner and a finalist of the international "Intermuseum" festival, and the "Museum Olympus" contest.

17:30 — 19:00