Inna Krylova

Head of special projects of "Golutvinskaya Sloboda group of companies», coordinator of the research and outreach project MosPromArt, member of Industrial heritage advisory council, director of the heritage School.
She studied at the Russian state University for the Humanities, defended her honours diploma in "Economics and management in socio-cultural

sphere.» A graduate of the Russian-French educational project "Re-School" with master's degree in Sphere of Heritage MBA HSE, Re-school and certificate of the professional training of the Ecole de Chaillot.

She started her professional career with PR and organization of exhibition activities in areas of Navy heritage and expeditionary projects of the assistance Fund preservation of lake Baikal. In particular, she was PR-Director of the International Russian- Swiss scientific expedition "TRANS-Eurasian flight: Leman-Baikal".

Since 2015, he has been in charge of special projects in the group of companies "Golutvinskaya Sloboda", including the promotion of industrial heritage assets and the development of former industrial areas. At the same time-almost 5 years is the Director of Open cultural-educational project "Heritage School", whose partners are Moscow architectural Institute, State Institute of art and others.

Author and organizer of research and popularization programs on industrial heritage in Moscow and the Moscow region in the framework of the projects "MosPromArt" and "Prompoezd". Expert of all-Russian competitions of the Ministry of construction.

She is one of the main initiators of the active work on the formation of the Expert Council on industrial heritage on the basis of AUIPIK, as well as the preparation of the National Committee for industrial heritage.