Igor Vodopyanov

Managing partner of management company "Teorema".
Managing partner of management company "Teorema". At the moment UK "the Theorem" belong built business centers "Eureka", "T4", "Langenzipen", "Benoit", "Obukhov-Center", "Winter", "Summer" and the warehouse complex "Teorema Terminal".
Was born on August 31, 1968. From 1985 to 1991 he studied at the Baltic state technical University. Ustinov ("Voenmekh"), specialty "radio engineer". From 1994 to 2000 he was a shareholder and successfully operated in CJSC "Balt-group", a financial company working with clients in the securities market. In 1997, Mr. Vodopyanov together with his partner Kirill Shishkov created the business center "Aquatoria". It was a successful business venture. The new business center, the premises of which were rented, met the growing demand for high-class offices. In 2001, another commercial project was implemented. Igor Vodopyanov becomes a representative of Teorema Holding Limited. Continuing to work with Kirill Shishkov, he brought the company to a new level. Tandem two businessmen were successful. In 2001, the turbine blades Factory, with an area of 45 thousand square meters was bought by "Theorem" and converted into a business centre "Evrika". The next projects were the business centers "T-4" and "Langenzipen" on Kamennoostrovsky Avenue. Website: https://www.teorema.info/