Helena Kåberg

Senior Curator at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
Associate Professor of art history, specialized in the history of architecture and design.

Between 2008 and 2018 she was involved in planning and implementing the extensive renovation and remodeling of the Nationalmuseum – Sweden’s museum of Art and Design - a 150 year old building in the center of the city.

Helena Kåberg was the project leader for the new display of the Nationalmuseum collection and the project leader for the design of the new Nationalmuseum restaurant. The Nationalmuseum Restaurant is fitted out with furniture, light fittings and tableware specially designed for this space. The museum’s mission includes making art and design accessible to as many people as possible. In line with this, the restaurant interior was created by an artistic collective. The group then worked with around thirty other Swedish designers. The objects created were then manufactured by some twenty Nordic producers, large and small. Even art from the Nationalmuseum collection is on display in the restaurant area and the process also involved a close collaboration with the restaurateur himself and his team.

12 months after reopening the museum, after the five years closing due to the renovation, there were over 1 million visits made in the building.

Helena Kåberg is a senior Curator, PhD, the Head of Loans and Digital Documentation.