Hannelore Fobo

Art critic.
Together with Leningrad born artist (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov, she founded Art-Contact St. Petersburg-Berlin e.V. in 1993 and has since curated a number of exhibitions on contemporary Russian art, including Kozlov’s recent exhibition “USA-CCCP-CHINA. Works 1980-1989” (Berlin, 2018).

Hannelore Fobo graduated from the Freie Universität Berlin, gaining an MA in Linguistics (in 1985) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Eastern European Studies (in 1988).

As an independent scholar, Hannelore Fobo focuses on the Leningrad art scene of the 1980s in general, and the “New Artists” group in particular. Fobo’s most recent publications include a compendium on the Leningrad free jazz scene, centring around a compilation of Sergey Khrenov's letters (dated 1981-1984), plus a number of articles on Sergey Kuryokhin’s “Pop-Mekhanika” (Popular Mechanics) dated 1984-1995: “Leningrad Collective Improvisations”, “Pop Mekhanika in the West”, and “Empire and Magic. Pop Mekhanika No. 418”. Hannelore Fobo’s publications and the associated archival documents can all be accessed at www.e-e.eu.

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