Gunilla von Hall

Foreign Correspondent for Swedish daily newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet.
Gunilla von Hall is the Foreign Correspondent for the major Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. She is based at the U. N. European headquarters in Geneva since 1990
Ms. von Hall covers the United Nations, international and humanitarian affairs as well as economic and development issues. She often travels for stories on these topics in the field and in conflict areas. Ms. von Hall has reported from more than 40 countries, including Syria, North Korea, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Bosnia, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Colombia, Iran, Sri Lanka, South Korea and Egypt. Ms. von Hall is the former President of the United Nations Correspondent´s Association in Geneva (ACANU). She has also been a member of the Executive Committee of the Swiss Press Association (APES). In 2017–2018, she was a member of the Committee of the UN Press Association in Geneva. Regularly, Ms von Hall moderates debates and panels on international topics. Furthermore, she has been published in the Swedish anthology “The War & The Truth”, and her stories have been selected for the anthology “Good Swedish Journalism”. She was also published in the book “Family, Migration and Separation” 2018 Ms von Hall has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, International Economics and Statistics from Uppsala University in Sweden (1986).