Gleb Smirnov

Art critic, philosopher, writer, Art theorists.
Graduated from the Faculty of History of Moscow State University (Department of Art History) in 1991.

In 1992, he left Russia for aesthetic emigration, wandered through Europe, reached Rome, entered the Jesuit University of Gregoriana at the Vatican, and in 1997 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Systematic Philosophy (specializing in the philosophy of language, Vico and Heidegger).

Since 1999, he has been in Venice. He has been developing the strategy of Total Review.

He owns a literary and art salon.

Author of "samizdat" manuscripts (poems, essays).

The books published:

"Palladio. Seven philosophical journeys" (2017);
"Metaphysics of Venice" (2017);
"Artodoxia" (2018);
"A baroque treatise upon eternal love" (translation of an unpublished 17th-century manuscript) (2015);
Guide to Rome (2001);
An essay on the artistic origins of the Soviet power, "The Stroke of the Knight" (2003, it. and germ.);
"Sensor Destruction" or how to understand modern art (2013);
Author of multiple essays and articles in the Russian and European media.

He taught at the University of Venice. He worked as a librarian in the house of Count Girolamo Marcello.
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