Galina Pivovar

Manager of Educational Programs, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.
Manager of educational programs of the SKOLKOVO School of Management in Moscow, one of developers of educational programs for cultural revitalization of territories: "Leading Museums" and "Museum. Power of the Location".

She graduated with a degree in Regional Politics from the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

At Skolkovo School of Management she has been involved in various projects at the intersection of education and territorial development in the following educational programs: "Strategies and Development Resources of Archangelsk Region", "Preparing Management Teams of Single-Profile Cities", "Territories of Growth: Projects for Development of City Districts and Municipal Districts of Moscow Region".

She has taken part in the international education program "Urban Heritage Strategies" at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

She has written research papers on the following topics: “Transformation of small town functions”, “Transformation of the rural periphery”, “Regeneration processes in small towns”, and “Urban planning”. Ms. Pivovar has participated in the following research grant programs: “Strategies and tactics of spatial planning in depopulating cities of Russia” and “The role of local initiatives in regeneration of peripheral small and mid-sized cities of Russia”; She has also served as member of the Expert Council on Small Territories; consultant and supervisor of MBA modules in consulting SKOLKOVO School of Management in Moscow (Program on spatial development).