Elizaveta Mikhailova

Specialist of the Outreach Department, Museum of Russian Impressionism.
Museum educator, art historian, curator of outreach projects, M.A. in Curating. Develops outreach programs for children, teenagers and adults in the Museum of Russian Impressionism. Conducts tours and workshops for visitors with mental disabilities. Studies methods of anarchist pedagogy and feminist education.
In 2016, she graduated from the Department of Art History of the Faculty of History at Moscow State University. In 2022, she graduated from Stockholm University with a Master of Arts degree. Her master’s thesis was devoted to the study and comparison of educational programs of small art institutions in Sweden and the Netherlands. Over the past six years, she has worked as a tour guide, museum teacher, and curator of outreach projects at the Garage Museum, State Center for Contemporary Art, the Pushkin Museum, the Museum of Russian Impressionism, and the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation Index. Since May 2021 she has been a specialist in the outreach department of the Museum of Russian Impressionism.
11:00 — 11:40