Elizaveta Mayer

Agent of the KID LIKES Cinema Production production center, student at KidsDevelop business and development school for children.
Ambassador of the “Prosveshcheniye” brand, author of the idea of ​​online store for curly people.

Born in 2007 in Moscow.

Since she was three, she has been studying at the British International School (she has five certificates from the University of Cambridge).

Elizaveta is fluent in English and studies a second foreign language (Spanish). She is also a student of the KidsDevelop School of Business and Development for Children since its foundation.

She is interested in stage art and is an agent of the KID LIKES Cinema Production production center, participates in television projects, voiceovers and filming of the center.

In addition, she has earned professional experience during classes at the school of the Todes Studio, model agency, Ostankino children's academy, the leadership academy in Novorossiysk, the leadership and business academy in Tyumen, and during video editing classes and blogging. She is fond of vocals. Besides, Elizaveta is going to gain driving skills of quadrocycle and to enter a motorcycle school.


  • In process — developing the idea of ​​an online store for curly goods;
  • Project-the idea is to write an audio book about business development and financial literacy for children and through the eyes of a child;
  • The dream project is to work in the show business and to create a large-scale production platform.
15:00 — 16:30
Pitching Session