Donatella Gavrilovich

Associate Professor of History of Theatre and Digital Technologies at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata".
Donatella is a scholar interested in Russian theatre, set design, visual arts, dance of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and in the digital cataloging of the theatrical performances.

She was a member of the European Community for the ECLAP project, contributing as an expert to the European Portal EUROPEANA.

Since 2012 she founded and directed the scientific publishing series entitled “Arti dello Spettacolo/Performing Arts” and, since January 2015, the online journal

She is the coordinator of the International project (2013-2021) between the St. Petersburg State University ITMO (Russia) and the University ‘Tor Vergata’, concerning the application of new technologies to the Cultural Intagible Heritage. In 2016 the Russian-Italian team published a Virtual Museum, dedicated to the Russian actress Vera Komissarzhevskaya (

She is a member of EURODRAM-MEO in Paris, SEFR of University of Warwick and fellow of the CERCLE of University of Lorraine.

From 2014 to 2015 she conceived and designed the basic ontology of the Performance Knowledge Base (PKB), an innovative model for digital cataloguing online.

Among her most important publications:

"Profumo di Rus’. L’arte del teatro in Russia. Scritti d’artisti, pittori e critici 1860–1920" (1993);
"Nel segno del colore e del corpo. Il regista-scenografo Aleksandr Golovin" (2011);
"Vera Komissarževskaja. Una donna "senza compromesso" La vita e l'opera dell’attrice russa dal 1899 al 1906" (2015);
"Arts and Dance. Russian and Soviet Choreographers" (2017).
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