Chen Xiangjing

Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Architect, Architectural and Design Association of Guangzhou Newsdaze Design.
Chen Xiangjing, the founder and chief designer of Guangzhou Newsdays Design, is also the founder of J • Design & J • Living. He graduated from Central Academy of Craft Art in 1982 and was tutored by Mr. WU Guanzhong. Upon graduation, he had engaged in teaching in well-known art universities. Then he went to the United Kingdom for further study in 1989. In 1992, He returned home from abroad and set up Guangzhou Newsdays Design.

For years, Mr. CHEN Xiangjing has ever presided over and taken part in design and construction of large-scaled engineering projects, such as Dongyi • Dunhuang Art City, Zhongshan Tsinghua Square Residential Hotel, Chimelong Hotel, Narada Resort & Spa Jimo Hotel and other architectural and interior design projects. With honor to win international designer award, gold award in the "Golden Lotus" international design invitational tournament, biennale gold award, CIDA outstanding achievement award, ten figures in China interior design, national top ten designers, gold award in the national exhibition of arts and other dozens of awards, he has taken on highly popularity and influence within China's design industry.

Mr. Chen Xiangjing is also a crossover designer. For he has been focusing on architectural design and interior design for many years. In recent years, he has been involving in design of furniture, household goods, ceramics, accessories, jewelry and other fields. Moreover, he had ever been invited to participate in international exhibitions in Germany and Italy. Awarded China senior interior architect, senior interior designer and other titles, he has been taking position of visiting professor in Central Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. As a member in American IDDA International Interior Designer Association, deputy director in Profession Committee of China National Interior Decoration Association, director in CIID Guangzhou Branch, he is the pioneer and practitioner for development of China's modern interior design.