Catherine Branscome

President of Branscome International.
United States of America
Catherine has been running her own sales and distribution company in New York, since 2000.

Branscome International licenses completed features, series and shorts – most of the content is for Kids and Family audiences. Company activities have been expanded to include strategically matching creative talent and producers in order to achieve network pre-sales and coproduction financing.

Buyer clients include major entertainment companies including Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Territory-specific channel clients include: South Korea’s Animax, Canada’s Family Jr., Family Channel and TFO, France’s Gulli, Tiji Family Films and TF1, Germany’s Super RTL, Mexico’s Canal Once, Finland’s MTV3 Finland, the USA’s PBS, STARZ Kids & Family, The Sundance Channel, Shout! Factory and Sony Entertainment.

Catherine’s entertainment career in distribution has been spanned heading the international departments of major New York and Los Angeles production/distribution companies including Dandelion Distribution USA, Odyssey Distributors and GoodTimes Entertainment.