Boris Sokolov

Doctor of Art History, Professor of the Faculty of History and Arts, RSUH; Board member of the Society of Russian Estate Investigation.
Boris Sokolov, Professor, Faculty of Art History, Russian State University for the Humanities, Doctor of Art History, Member of the Board, Society for the Study of Russian Noble Estates, member of the Board, Garden History Journal, translator, photographer and traveler.
His interests lie in the sphere of integrated history of world art (West-Russia-East), art of symbolism and avant-garde, folk and pop art of the 15th–20th centuries, and history of landscape culture. Since the early 1990s he has been involved in comparative study of garden arts, including expeditions to 26 countries of Europe and the world, has around 100 publications and served as organizer of 10 conferences. Dr. Sokolov has served as curator of a series of exhibitions in Tsaritsyno State Museum and Reserve, which included "The Garden Show. The Art of Landscape Park Arrangement in Europe and Russia" (2017), "Gardens of the Silver Age" (2019), "Green Palaces. Five Centuries of Regular Parks" (2021), "Gardens of the East: From an Oasis to the Paradise" (2022). Author of the books "Art Language of the Russian Wood Prints" (1999), "Vasily Kandinsky: The Era of Great Spirituality" (2016), "Kandinsky: Sounds" (2016), "Landscape Park in Europe and Russia. From Enlightenment to Romanticism" (2017). Creator (2006) and coordinator of the Internet portal "Gardens and Time: 5000 Years of Landscaping Art," maintains a Facebook news feed ( At present, he is involved in the study of Russian historic parks currently viewed as being at risk: the New Kuchuk-Koy Park (Crimea) and Monrepos Park (Vyborg).