Aziz Saka

Chairman of Reno Finans, Founder and Principal Advisor to AltınCuzdan (GoldWallet).
Aziz Saka is the Chairman of Reno Finans, shareholder and member of the board of IC BANK and founder of AltınCuzdan (Gold Wallet).
Aziz Saka, who completed his education with the Security Academy and the Faculty of Business Administration, made professional contributions on art and society. He worked as a professional theater actor during his education and also brought together art lovers with his oil painting named “from the nature” and “the old faces”. Aziz Saka, who was senior manager in Fund Management companies in USA and Switzerland for a period, took part in the work of many international foundations and unions on 4 continents from Indonesia to Vatican, Senegal to Brazil. He is the Republic of Turkey Interior Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency volunteer member , in 1999 on the big Marmara Earthquake in search and rescue activities also has been found and has conducted scientific studies especially to be used the mass media on the subject of psychological impact on the community social balance after the result of earthquake. He is also a columnist in cultural magazines, and he is the creator of the 5W formula that eliminates cultural differences in mass media. He is one of the founders of a new social network system, especially in the digitalization of the economy with the analytical algorithm he created through the questions of 5W as “Who are you”, “Who is who”, “Who believes in you”, “Who trusts you”, “Where do you go”. He is running now with ICBANK, which is the new level of financial services worldwide as it is dedicated to the success of its clients, both individual and corporate using latest achievements in internet commerce tools. Aziz SAKA is also, under the leadership of the Russian Lomonosov University, within the framework of the global activities of the Digital Economy, he is served of Chairman of Digital Economy of the Republic of Turkey.
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